This holiday season, we wish all of our customers the merriest of Christmases. The merriest of pest-free Christmases, of course.

May your homes this Christmas season be blessed, unlike the home in this story from Twas the Night Before Christmas: Bedbug Remix.

Here’s a sample:

As I scratched a vague itch, my hand felt a splatter And I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. I flung back the blankets and I glanced at my arm, And with surreal dread, my mind rang an alarm! Bloody bug guts on my arm and what else did I see But a small red-brown appleseed scampering o’er the sheets! My mind flashed back to earlier that night When I spied my nephew scratching…a bite?

Read the full thing here.

Silly stories aside, we hope your Christmas is bed-bug free. But, you know, call us if it isn’t. And have a merry Christmas.

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