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About Us

Legacy is a local, family-owned termite and pest management company. While our company is relatively new (est. 2009), our owners and management team possess lifelong experience in this industry.

Legacy’s executive leadership team consists of Jay Heflin, Marc Heflin, Chris Maloch, and Juan Carlos Perez. The Heflin brothers have literally grown up in the termite and pest control industry. They are 3rd generation pest management professionals. Their grandfather, Jay Heflin, started working for the Little Rock Terminix franchise in 1938. He bought that franchise operation in the mid-1950s and remained an active participant in the company until it was sold in early 1999. Jay and Marc’s father, Johnny Heflin, began working part-time in the early 1960s and began full-time with the family business in 1969 after completing his MBA at the University of Arkansas. He led the daily operations of the company until it was sold to Terminix International in early 1999. Jay and Marc began working part-time during college and full-time in 1993 and 1995, respectively.

Chris Maloch is also a local product of central Arkansas. He is a second generation pest management professional. His father, Jim, was the Technical Specialist and Governmental Affairs liaison with the Heflin franchise from 1979 until its acquisition. Chris began working in the “family business” during college as well and began full-time in 1993. Chris continued his pest management career after the acquisition in early 1999 until mid-2005. He, Jay, and Marc founded Legacy together in 2009 and began operations in November of that year.

Juan Carlos Perez is the fourth member of the leadership team. Juan is a native of Chile and has been involved in the pest management business since 1983. He worked for the Heflin franchise from 1983 until its acquisition and continued his pest management career for many years after that. Juan rejoined the pest management industry and the “family business” in early 2010.

The Legacy family is made up of both experienced industry veterans and relative newcomers. We have members that have been around the industry for 20 + years, and we have others who are brand new to the industry. One thing is true about each of our family members, “They all share the same customer-centered focus of ‘continuing the tradition of excellent customer service.’