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Termite Control

Legacy Termite Protection Plan

Termites cause billions of damage to property every year. Unfortunately most of us don’t realize our homes are under attack until it’s too late. A Legacy Termite Protection Plan provides the assurance that everything possible is being done to protect your home from termites, but more importantly that if your home ever has an infestation that it will be stopped and any damage done will be covered at no extra charge. Let one of our professionals come out today for a free inspection and to detail how to best protect your home.

Comprehensive Coverage

Despite a thorough treatment and the best inspections possible, it is a fact that many homes will at some point be attacked by termites. Since termites prefer to work in hidden spaces, much of the damage is done before it is noticed. A Legacy Termite Protection Plan means that we will retreat to stop the infestation and we will repair all new, subterranean termite damage to the structure and also to any contents of your home.

Set Fee Guarantee

A Legacy Termite Protection Plan not only protects your home and property it also protects your budget. Our protection plan is written so that you are guaranteed the same renewal fee for the first 3 years of the life of your contract. Any renewal fee raises after the initial period are typically nominal in amount.


A termite protection plan is less valuable if the company can cancel it at any time. Our Legacy Termite Protection Plan is non-cancelable by us and can stay in effect for the lifetime of your home. The payment of your annual fee guarantees that you will never find yourself without coverage if termites invade your home. Not just coverage, but a guarantee that cannot be beat.


A fact of life is that even houses that have been treated for termites sometimes become infested. If this happens to your home, rest assured that Legacy will retreat your home and stop the infestation at no additional charge.

Periodic Inspections

While in many cases termites are found by homeowners, there are many access points to your home that you may not be aware of or that you aren’t in a position to see on a regular basis. Our Legacy Inspectors have been trained not only to find termite activity but also to find conditions that are conducive to termites. Not only will we contact you to make our regular inspection, but if you see something suspicious, let us know and we’ll come out at no charge and check it out.

Treatment Methods

Legacy Termite & Pest Control creates a customized treatment plan for each customer, based on the size and layout of your home and the amount of termite infestation.


  • Liquid treatments are used on the interior and exterior of your home, as well as to create a protective zone around your foundation and key entry points.
  • Liquid treatments offer two-stage protection, stopping current infestations and then giving long-term deterrence from future problems.

Real Estate Inspections

Legacy strives to make the home buying/selling process as simple as possible. In most cases, lending institutions require a termite inspection. You can count on your Legacy professional to provide you with a thorough inspection that gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our purpose in these transactions is to provide a value-added service to both the seller and buyer as well as the real estate professionals who are providing services for their clients.