November means a lot of things: Fall, football, the deer woods. But the 11th month of the year will forever be associated, primarily, with Thanksgiving.

As our national day of reflection approaches, we give thanks to our customers, our family and our friends.

Bug blogger Anthony Ball, however, is thinking of more than that: He considers what pests your Thanksgiving turkey might eat. Interesting concept.

A sample of Ball’s thought process:

While Americans love eating their turkey for Thanksgiving, turkeys equally love eating all sorts of bugs. Turkey’s raised on farms traditionally eat corn and seeds, but wild turkeys love eating insects and other creepy crawlies in order to get much needed protein. Some may even consider enlisting a turkey for scorpion control. (Have it your way, bugs or bird poop. Or call a professional.)

Ball goes on to list what he thinks a turkey’s Thanksgiving menu might look like. Read the full post here.

So, in theory anyway, thanks for the pest control help, gobblers.

Now, on to our own Thanksgiving menu…

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