Spring Is Here: Keep the Pests Out

It’s April in Arkansas and spring officially has arrived.

While we’re reacquainting ourselves with the outdoors and the color green, take a few minutes to perform some simple, do-it-yourself projects that can help keep pests from reacquainting themselves with your home:

• Seal up holes and cracks and any potential entry point for pests. That includes repairing damaged screen doors and window screens.

• Eliminate standing water from your yard and from under your house. Pests are attracted to water; it’s a life source for them. And mosquitoes need standing water to breed. You don’t want that.

• Move wood and brush piles away from your home. That goes for any structure such as a garage or storage shed. Pests like termites, beetles and even bees and wasps are attracted to them.

• Store all dry food in sealed containers. That goes for inside and out. But food sources you might keep outside, such as dry dog food and bird seed, can lure in 

pests. Keep them in sealed, air-tight containers.

These little steps can go a long way in helping make sure you don’t face a pest problem down the road.

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