Legacy Termite and Pest Control is excited to celebrate its 10th anniversary.  The Legacy team has grown from its three founders to approximately 30 associates and serves more than 10,000 customers a year. 

“We are thankful for the loyal support of our many customers and appreciative of the dedicated service provided by our family of associates,” said Legacy co-founder Chris Maloch.

With five offices in the state and a sixth soon to open in Conway, Legacy is a local, family-owned company that can draw on a combined 150+ years of experience. 

Offering residential and commercial services, Legacy is known to customers as prompt, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable, with a comprehensive and flexible control program that covers the most commonly found pests in and around homes in Arkansas.

“I will never trust anyone other than Legacy,” said Renee Shapiro, of KATV.  “The service is the best. They take great care of my house and I trust them completely, which is important to me.”

“I have Legacy Pest Control take care of all of my properties,” said Hatcher Agency founder Greg Hatcher. “They are dependable, organized and trustworthy. We rarely have any bug issues and if we do they come out immediately and take care of it. I recommend Legacy Pest Control highly.”

Such rave reviews are the by-product not only of Legacy’s quality service but of its years in the pest control business. Albeit it’s been a busy and productive 10 years for Legacy Termite and Pest Control, the company’s roots actually extend much longer than a decade.

Jay and Marc Heflin—who with Chris Maloch and Juan Carlos Perez comprise Legacy’s leadership team—are third generation pest management professionals who began as part-timers and have grown up in the business.

Grandfather Jay Heflin began working for the Terminix franchise in 1938 and bought the operation in the mid-1950s, staying involved until its sale in 1999. Johnny Heflin—father to the younger Jay and Marc—began working part-time in the early 1960s, was full time by 1969, and led company operations until the 1999 sale.

Jay and Marc came on board in the mid-1990s. Maloch, too, is a local product with generational ties to the industry. His father, Jim, was a technical specialist and governmental affairs liaison with the franchise from 1979 until its sale.

Perez, a native of Chile, worked for the Heflin franchise from 1983 to 1999 and rejoined the family business in 2010. 

Following the 1999 sale and a 10-year non-compete period, Jay and Marc Heflin and Maloch founded Legacy Termite and Pest Control, beginning operations in November of 2009.

The company began by offering termite and general pest control as well as rodent work.

Legacy continues to offer these services and has added moisture control, which includes crawl space encapsulation, wildlife control with exclusion services and home repair services.

The Legacy family is comprised of experienced industry veterans and newcomers. Some have been involved for 25-plus years and some are relatively fresh on the scene. The next generation of the founders’ families have already begun working in the family business part-time and on breaks from school. 

One thing is true about each of the Legacy family members—whether related by blood or employment—they share the customer-centered focus of continuing the tradition of excellent service.

It truly is a legacy.

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