The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service is a great resource for information on topics such as agriculture, health and nutrition and home and garden. Based in Little Rock, the Cooperative Extension Service is part of the UA’s Division of Agriculture. Its mission is to provide Arkansans in all 75 counties with educational programs and research-based information. That information includes a look at Arkansas’ invasive urban pest population. Most of the pests Arkansans will encounter this spring in their home and yard are native, but not all of them. Invasive species in Arkansas include fire ants, Asian longhorned beetles and Formosan subterranean termites. From the UA’s Invasive Urban Pests of Concern in Arkansas: Insects and Diseases: Invasive species arrive via natural dispersal, or by accidental or thoughtless movement. Most invaders go unnoticed until they become plentiful enough to cause economic or environmental damage. Preventing establishment of invasive species is easiest when the invader is detected early, thus, vigilance is crucial. Once an invasive species becomes established, managing its spread may become expensive with the need for multiple control strategies. Read more about Arkansas’ invasive urban pests here. Invasive Urban Pests bothering you? Let Legacy Termite and Pest get rid of them for you. Call us today!

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