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Frequently Asked Questions

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1)    Why do I need termite protection on my home?

Termites are pervasive in Arkansas. While they might not currently be attacking every home, when they do find their way in, they can remain hidden for several years all the while doing considerable damage. Having the right termite protection can prevent you from having to deal with a major damage repair bill all by yourself.

2)    What does the Legacy termite protection cover?

Our contract is one of the strongest in the industry. We cover new, subterranean termite damage to both your structure and its contents. There is no deductible on the damage guarantee, so we begin covering from the first dollar. If a retreatment is necessary, we will perform that service at no charge. We also inspect your property periodically to keep an eye out for potential termite infestation. Most importantly, our contract is non-cancelable by Legacy. As long as you pay your annual renewal fee, Legacy will be there to provide protection.

3)    Is a termite contract required by law to sell a house?

This is a common misconception. The state does not require you to have termite coverage in order to sell your house. However, most lending institutions do require a 12 month termite contract to provide a loan.

4)    Why do I need pest control for my house?

Our pest control service provides added protection against a variety of household pests. Ants, roaches, fleas, mice, rats, etc. can become a major nuisance for many homeowners. Our service allows you, the homeowner, peace of mind that a professional is keeping a trained eye out for these pests and the conditions around your home that lead to their infestation.

5)    How often should my home be treated for household pests?

Our experience has taught us that a quarterly inspection and treatment frequency provides most homeowners with the best level of pest protection.

6)    Do you have to come inside my home to treat for pests?

Most all pest infestations originate from outside the home. We have two different service options that we offer. Our Legacy Perimeter Defense Plan is an exterior only inspection and treatment option. We will inspect the exterior of your home and treat appropriately based on our inspection findings. We also have the Legacy Classic Plan which includes an exterior and interior inspection on each service visit with exterior treatment each time and an interior treatment only when necessary.

7)    Is there anything that I can do to help reduce the presence of certain pests in and around my home?

As mentioned earlier, most all pest infestations originate from outside the home. There are a few key indicators that everybody should pay attention to that will help to reduce the pest pressure around your home. Some of these include: sealing any openings that come into your home (i.e., holes around pipes, door thresholds, etc.); keeping plants/shrubs at least 6-8” away from your foundation and keeping tree limbs from touching your home; and, removing standing/stagnant water from containers like flower pots, planters, old tires, etc. to eliminate likely mosquito breeding areas. These are just a few examples. Please call us at Legacy for a more extensive list, and let us solve your pest control issues.

8)    Who is Legacy Termite & Pest Control?

Legacy Termite & Pest Control is a family-owned and locally operated company.  The owners are Sharon, Marc, and Jay Heflin and Chris Maloch.  The Heflin family has been involved in the pest control business in Arkansas since 1938.  Johnny Heflin (Sharon’s husband and Marc and Jay’s father) owned and operated the central Arkansas Terminix franchise from 1969 – 1998.  Johnny’s dad, Jay, Sr., led the company prior to 1969.  Chris Maloch is a second generation pest management professional (PMP).  His family has been involved in the industry since 1979.  His father Jim Maloch, worked with Johnny Heflin from 1979 – 1998.

9)    What can I expect from Legacy?

You can expect that we will do our best to take care of your termite and pest control needs.  You can expect that we will be honest and up-front with you in our dealings.  You can expect that if we make a mistake, we will work very hard to remedy the situation.  You can expect that we will treat you not only like we want to be treated but like we want our family to be treated.

10)    What if I have other questions?

We encourage you to call us at the office 501-225-1453 so that we may answer your questions directly or go to our website and submit your questions.

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About Legacy

Welcome to Legacy Termite and Pest Control. We are a family owned, locally operated company which is committed to service excellence. Our expertise comes from a combined 75 years of experience in the field of termite and pest control. Our owners’ literally grew up in the industry. Our heritage regarding termite and pest control dates back to 1938 and include some of the state and nationally recognized pioneers in our industry. What set us apart in 1938 is the same thing that sets us apart today, and that is our commitment to superior service. Our Legacy is that you always come first.

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